Reds sign Jose Arredondo.....for 2011

Per Teh Fay:

Jose Arredondo will have TJ and rehab this year for the Redlegs.  His luck has just changed with him signing in the Queen city.  Look at this guy's past two years.


Debuts in the MLB for the California Angels with a 1.62! ERA over 61 IP and a 10-2 record.  Pretty damn impressive for a rookie.   


Considered a contender for the for the closer job after FRod leaves for the NYM....then they sign Fuentes.  And to quote Wikipedia:

Following a rough start to the 2009 season, Arredondo was optioned to the Angels' Triple-A affiliate, the Salt Lake Bees, on June 10. Soon after, an MRI revealed a sprained ligament in his elbow.

After a few sporadic appearances in July and August for the Angels, the Angels management asked Arredondo to train at the team's camp in Arizona in case he was needed for the playoffs. "Arredondo chose not to, heading home to the Dominican instead," Orange County Register's Bill Plunkett reported. "It was a decision Reagins admitted 'surprised' if not disappointed the organization." His history of elbow injury and behavior issues, "seriously dented his standing with the Angels," wrote Plunkett, "and calls into question his future with the organization."[2]

On December 10, 2009, the Angels announced that Arredondo would have elbow reconstruction is expected to miss the entire 2010 season.[3] Just two days later, on December 12, the Angels announced they would not offer Arredondo a contract for 2010.[4]

Okay that REALLY sucks... you hurt yourself AND get canned by your employer who also employs the surgeon who can fix your elbow.  So now you are screwed, I mean what else could go wrong.....your unemployed and injured in a recession.  Well he goes home to the Dominican and gets STABBED! IN THE SAME WEEK(Dec 17th)!  He was stabbed in the left arm (he's a righty) the report say it is not serious.

 Bienvenidos a Cincinnati Jose!  This is obviously a low risk / high reward signing for 2011, not to mention a classy move by Walt.  Jose take the year, work hard, and get healthy!


How on earth do you fire a guy two days after you tell the world he needs surgery?  This is what you do, you non-tender AFTER you perform the surgery to fix him.  This kid gave you guys a 1.3 WAR season for league minimum and you just cut him.  (The only logic I can make from this is that Jose knew he was going to be cut and didn't trust the Angels' surgeon.  He has no service time so he is very cheap, but still has upside so this makes no sense if you're California.  Maybe he didn't trust them after he KNEW he was hurt and needed surgery and they didn't want to perform it until after the playoffs?)  

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