Bereavement 2010: Top o' the Mortem

Here we go. Brian B showed us the way in 2009, scratching off 8 names from his list and taking home $180, the biggest pot in the history of the RedReporter bereavement pools. But this year's pool looks to be even bigger. 

It's 20 picks, $10 per player and the winner takes the total pot minus $30. (Second place takes $20, third $10.) Actually, here are the rules, so you can be clear of exactly what's going on. (Open in WORDPAD for correct formatting. Otherwise it will look quite wonky.) The contest runs from February 1 through December 31. Anyone who's interested, e-mail me (Rick) at with your picks, and I'll tell you an address to send your $10 check.

So that everyone knows it's fair and I'm not giving myself an advantage of looking at everyone's picks, I've finished my list and sent it to an e-mail address to be announced later, so that you can look at the timestamp later.

A quick note on one of the rules. To score on your picks, the celebrity's obit must appear on or I picked those Web sites specifically because they generally only run obits of properly famous people and don't have an obit quota, as opposed to places such as and When you're making your lists, keep that in mind. If one of your entries dies and the obit shows up on but not, you're out of luck.

Also, Osama bin Laden is not a legal pick, due to the ambiguity of his whereabouts and timeframe of his possible death. Don't pick him. Also don't pick anyone on death row anywhere, such as Chemical Ali.

Here's a list of the folks who have expressed interest so far:

boobs' mom
boobs' coworker steve
boobs' coworker brian
boobs' coworker jim
brian b
brian b's wife
justin's friend engelbert
joe nolan's glasses
Fat Vegas Alan
johnU's co-worker Esmerelda

And here's a list of the folks who played last year but haven't yet expressed an interest in continuing:

Red Menace
Cesar Hernandez
JoshuaR's wife
Seattle Slim

For these folks, please let me know if you plan to play. Of course, everyone is welcome. Anyone not listed here who wants to play, you're in (provided you're 18 years of age.)

So let's get started. E-mail me if you want in, and we'll go from there.

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