Eyewitness Report 7/12/09: Let us quote Lil' Wayne

I don't curse, but in this verse man, fuck tha world.

Ok, I was lazy with the Bailey game in June and never did an eyewitness report, but this time I promise to do one. Also, I figured y'all would be interested to have a look at Citi Field. Unfortunately, though, I'm writing this on a mac, which doesn't jibe with my sony camera, so no pictures. Only one to mention, however: The Mets JumboTron couldn't spell Cincinnati, going for the "Cincinnatti" option instead. I noticed this in about the third inning, mentioned it loudly, and never saw it again. I was sitting in section 501 (farthest up, closest to RF pole) so I doubt they listened to me, but hey.


First off, Citi Field is really nice. I never went to Shea, but my brother-in-law was emphatic that it was much better. The concourses were all open, allowing you to watch the game from food lines (a huge plus in my mind) and it was easy to get to the upper levels. Also, this was the best ballpark food I've ever seen. There was a "Beers of the World" kiosk in center field that had ~20 beers on offer (including Goose Island, Czechvar, Kirin Ichiban, but oddly no Brooklyn Lager) for $7.50. There was also Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, and lots of others, I'll let Serious Eats do the heavy lifting. I had an Italian Sandy from Mama's of Coronas, which was really good, filling, and completely worth the $9.50. Only downside was that the grease got all over my scorecard. Also: if you go to New York, get to Shake Shack, and get a burger and a frozen custard. Incredible, incredible, stuff. I just wouldn't do it at the stadium, opt for the Upper West Side location.


I have to tip my cap to the stadium PR, they had decent music taste. Although I got a chuckle out of the Mets taking the field to Great Escape. In at-bat-music news, Daniel Murphy comes out to Dropkick Murphys, which I approve of. Francouer comes out to Big&Rich, which is not remotely surprising. Brian Schneider comes out to Creed, which I do NOT approve of. And resulted in me screaming blasphemies to nobody in particular when he hit a home run.


Speaking of blasphemies, I really don't get the deal with singing God Bless America. Especially when the singer doesn't know the lyrics. I told aforementioned brother-in-law I'd yell out Allah'u Akbar if they did GBA, but I admittedly wimped out. I blame it on my unhsaven visage.


Nobody really understood the Kisscam. Every time the camera panned to a couple, they would wave wildly to the JumboTron with vacuous eyes. When one couple was on, some dude sitting next to the girl tapped her on the shoulder to point her to the big screen. She then stood up and got in some dude's face on camera. Another time, the woman desperately tried to get her husband's attention while he was on the phone, and again, the camera caught it all. Ah, New York.


In related news, every single Mets fan looks the same. I do not mean this in a good way.


I saw that BubbaFan mentioned it, but the issue with the apple was kinda confusing. In short, there's this apple in CF that goes up after every HR, but it did not have a quick enough refractory period after the first home run. So after the stadium chants "Apple! Apple!" for the rest of Weathers' inning, it finally goes up after the 3rd out. Wild cheering ensues. The apple got a louder cheer than the family of the deceased Iraqi War veteran. Also a louder cheer than the StL pitcher when I went to that game.


So that wraps up that. If you have any other questions, let me know. Otherwise, TGIASB.

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