Red Reposter - 6/11/09

  • Fay has it from Baker's mouth regarding the Coco decision after the rain delay:
    "I conferred with Dick Pole and Coco," Baker said. "He is the closer. It’s like closing both games of a doubleheader. It didn’t work out." Dusty really is inflexible with these roles, isnt he? Taveras is the CF and the lead-off man, Gonzalez is the SS, when Encarnacion gets back, he's the 3B. I can appreciate that assigning and maintaining roles is a positive thing for a baseball team, but to be this hard-and-fast with it is just reckless. Including last night, Cordero has pitched 5 of the last 6 days. The only day he did not pitch was the day off on Monday. I dont care who the closer is, no one can maintain an effective level of performance with that kind of use. And oh yeah, the rain delay too.

  • Hall o' Famer Hal has an update on Joey Votto
    He's back in Cincinnati working out, preparing for a return to the team. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Dusty said, "I’ve talked to him and he’s doing better. That’s all I can tell you. You can tell by his voice. You can tell by anybody’s voice — when they’re sleepy, when they’re happy, when they’re angry." I dont know what to make of that last line, but there are probably 50 jokes in there.

  • We all know Jay Bruce has been slumping something fierce
    but he seems to be pulling out of it. "I've been feeling a lot better at the plate," Bruce said. "I've been drawing some walks. I haven't been getting myself out as much." I think this is the key for Bruce. When he starts slumping, it seems like he tries to hit his way out of it. So pitchers start pumping him breaking balls and he gets himself out. But it looks like he's laying off that junk a little more now.

  • Reds Internal Affairs has a funny picture of Rob Butcher
    director of Reds media relations, with the 4 presidents from the Nationals president's race. Note Ol' Honest Abe flashing a gang sign. Busta!

  • Doug at RML gives us a nice list of who the Reds drafted on day 2 of the draft
    In case you missed Thundering Turtle's Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage of the draft yesterday, you can check it out here. Or if you dont have the time to read that whole thread, here are some of the names that TT is most excited about: RHP Daniel Tuttle, CF Josh Fellhauer, SS Deven Marrero, and SS Stephen Perez. The Reds also took 2B Matt Valaika, brother of Chris Valaika.  So that's neat.

  • ShysterBall passes this one along
    Remember Selena Roberts and her dramatic headline-grabbing book about Alex Rodriguez and his decades of rampant steroid use? Yeah, nobody else does either. Nobody bought it. It has only sold 16,000 copies so far of an original printing of 150,000. I really dont have a horse in this race, but I feel like I won anyway. Is that weird?

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