Scouts Seat Contest: At least one person had a good Opening Day

Homer Bailey vs. Carlos Lee from the Scouts Seats

Opening Day is now history and it was pretty much crap for every Reds fan out there.  Except one.  And this guy had a really good Opening Day.  Really good.

The roster shenanigans screwed several folks up in the contest.  Only 5 out of 85 contestants had Jonny Gomes not making the roster. Surprisingly, 17 of you thought Darnell McDonald would be there, but no one thought McDonald would score the first run of the season for the Reds.  We had 3 people get 13 of the 17 roster predictions right, but none of them did well enough on Opening Day to win the prize.

Nobody correctly guessed the final score of the game.  In fact, only one person guessed that the Reds would score one run - The Crushinator.  But he's not the grand prize winner either.

Sixteen of you correctly predicted that Johan Santana would get the win, Aaron Harang would get the loss, and Francisco Rodriguez would get the save.  None of you are getting the tickets.

Twenty of you correctly projected the Reds to hit zero home runs yesterday.  One of you is the winner.

Out of that twenty, seven thought the Reds would not steal a base either, including our winner.

And out of that seven, only two figured that Jerry Hairston Jr. would be starting in LF on Opening Day.  And the ticket winner was one of them.

I'm guessing now, but I'm pretty sure only one of those two have a wife who had a baby girl on Monday.  And amazingly, he is also the winner of the Scout Seat tickets.  Congratulations to Brian B, who out-prognosticated all of us to take home two Scout Seat tickets to a game of his choice.  Looks like you're going to need to get a babysitter!

The final tally is after the jump.

You can check the spreadsheet here.

Contestant Total
Brian B 9
River Otter 8
The Crushinator 8
BarRed 7
maxitaxi7 7
saboscork 7
TheC 5
Joe Morgan's Ego 4
nllspc 4
RedinWrigleyville 4
BK 3
coocooforcocoapuffs 3
iamwallaman 3
jbird1497 3
snailbiscuit 3
ashes1384 2
Colin Auscapee 2
MixFMKyle 2
RedJacob 2
Stock 2
CincyMike56 1
kyleb740 1
3 Fast 3 Furious -1
Sultan of Swaff -1
teb7 -1
TheRedScare -1
jch24 -2
obc2 -2
Joe Nolan's Glasses -3
Man Mountain -3
crolfer -4
cwid02 -4
D-Rock -4
ak04 -5
hatch1525 -5
rivercity.redleg -5
shortstopv2 -5
ThePensive -5
barger27 -6
jacob brumfield -6
JBagKY -6
karilovesal -6
Middie0250 -6
RedNation -6
Sean_Cramer -6
sharks -6
snohio -6
soapyhandrecords -6
tevisd -6
KerrBear -7
Pops Daniels -7
Slyde -7
ChillyCheezItz -8
frischd -8
gejoe -8
njbentz -8
sidnancy -8
ben nevis -9
HerdFanJ -9
iheartchrissabo -9
JayTheRed -9
lilhall04 -9
bradmcintosh8 -10
derekweaver -10
jrichards -10
namichael -10
svnatedawg -10
ohst09 -11
Redsfansince72 -11
thedecline19 -11
Caleb -12
fifawcs -12
joshuar9476 -12
pwalter1 -12
reds.1965 -12
xkape -12
Colts Homer -13
reign101 -13
Vottonator -13
mw5225 -14
csferry -15
mann1x -15
mlbnotebook -16
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