Question for the locals

Hello, Reds fans. 

As probably obvious by the icon, I am an Atlanta Braves fan.  I come not to troll, because that's not what I do.  I'd just like to ask a few simple questions to the locals of Cincinnati, and I hope to get some awesome answers from you folks.

Every season, I pick out a few ballparks to go to, that I'd never been to before, with the bigger goal in mind to have been able to have visited all 30 teams' home parks.  The game isn't really relevant, but I'd always prefer to go see my own team on the road.  And it just so turns out that the Braves have a convenient weekend series with your Reds in Cincy from April 24-26.  What I have tentatively planned, is to quite literally make a day trip of the 26th Sunday day-game.

Atlanta-to-Cincinnati and back is a short flight, it prevents me from having to take any time off work, and find lodging.  Fly in, in the morning, taxi to Great American Ballpark, watch baseball, do something/eat something, taxi back to airport, fly back to Atlanta.

What I would like to ask the local folks, given my tentative situation, what would you consider to be the "must see, must do, must eat" things of your fair city?  I know I'm not giving you a lot of time to work with, save for a few hours, but I hope that you guys probably have in mind some great suggestions for me, that I'd truly, really appreciate. 

Restaurants would probably be first priority, since I'm generally not that big of a fan of ballpark food, and love to take in the local flavor whenever possible.  Pardon if this sounds naive, but I do not know what type of food that Cincinnati is most well known for.

Any interesting sights, or shops that one might recommend?

Also, if it's not obvious, I won't have a car.  Walking is not an issue, and I'm not stingy to where I wouldn't consider taxis or buses.  If Cincinnati has any sort of public transportation, that would be great too.

So that's really it.  I thank any RR'ers who can give me any good suggestions, and educate me of Cincinnati, in advance.  I've done this exact same thing with several other SBNation sites thusfar, and everyone's always been helpful, and I enjoy mingling with other sports fans.  I've also been able to experience the joy of seeing new places, and expanding my horizons in baseball and travel.  Thanks again in advance.

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