Which Free Agents should the Reds target?

There are a lot of free agents remaining. While many don't fit the Reds' needs (weak-hitting CF Alfredo Amezaga), budget (RF Vladimir Guerrero), or both (lefty 1B Carlos Delgado), there are several that I find intriguing, and two who would fill our biggest holes.

1. Miguel Tejada, SS - The best available offense at SS, which is our biggest hole. He's old and not defensively great, but a 1-year $5M deal that would allow him to be a starting MLB SS might be enough to lure him. Swapping in Janish in the late innings could be a rather workable plan.


2. Randy Johnson, SP - He'd likely be a fairly big improvement over whomever would be our #5 starter behind Harang, Arroyo, Cueto, and Bailey. He won't last the whole season, but Voltron might be back before the end of the year. I'd hand over $3.5 for one year if he's healthy enough to play at the end of Spring Training. He'll probably command more than that.

3. Jason Schmidt, SP - He's mentioned retirement, but a minor-league deal with an invitation to ST doesn't hurt anyone, and gives him a chance to see if his arm has anything left. He's only 36.

4. Brett Myers, SP - He's coming off an injury, but has still performed pretty well. He's 29, and is ammenable to splitting time between the pen and rotation. My first thought was that he'd be too expensive.

5. Brian Giles, OF - He had a horrible year last year, but it was mostly due to a pair of 12-game slumps. A minor-league deal WIST would be well-spent on an OBP machine who would be a no-risk/high-reward candidate while Heisey, Frazier, and END get a bit more seasoning. The Reds have already expressed interest.

6. Dmitri Young, 1B - Fan favorite and clubhouse crackup D-Young would make a fine switch-hitting threat off the bench while spelling Votto at 1B against extreme lefties. A bench role might serve his health well. Minor-league deal WIST seems like a no-brainer to me.

7. Pedro Martinez, SP - He's 38 and a health risk, but still has some skillz. Probably too expensive.

I'd sign Tejada, Unit, Giles, and Dmitri, probably spending around $9M. If that's too much cash, I'd sign whichever remaining SP on this list who will take a minor league deal WIST. If none come that cheap, I'd stand pat on our rotation and still sign Tejada, Giles, and Dmitri.

What's your take?

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