What SS should the Reds pursue in trade?

I feel like the Reds biggest problem is at SS, not LF as Jocketty thinks.  With all the young talent we have, I think it is time to flip some of it for a young SS that can be with our team through the youth movement. Here are some guys that I think make sense...

1. J.J. Hardy - They are listening to offers for him, Alcides Escobar is waiting in the wings.

2. Mike Aviles - Moustakas is the future SS in KC. 

3. Jason Bartlett - Tim Beckham & Reid Brignac are on their way, brings superior defense and some speed.

4. Reid Brignac - Maybe the Rays would rather flip Brignac, a former can't miss prospect who struggled at AAA. One year doesn't scare me. 20 HR power, and he is a great defender.

5. Jason Donald - Blocked by Rollins, good stick with 20 HR potential. Defense is the only question.

6. Mike Young - I'm not a fan of acquiring him due to his age and 5 yr. 62 mil contract, but the guy can play.

Let's look at what their respective teams may want in return for these guys:

Brewers-Hardy: Edwin could play third and replace Bill Hall. Would take some nice pitching prospects as well, however. Milwaukee's staff is hurting.

Rays-Bartlett/Brignac: The Rays may also be interested in Edwin if they move him to the OF. They currently start Gabe Gross in right. We could probably get something else back from them in this deal. If not Edwin, maybe  a Chris Heisey or Dan Dorn type.

Phillies-Donald: Edwin could replace Feliz, and provide a hitter to wedge in between their three lefty boppers. We would get back Donald and then some.

Royals-Aviles: I could see the Royals being interested in our young pitchers. Bailey for Aviles straight up would be a nice deal if they are willing.

Rangers-Young: It's tough to figure out what Texas would expect back for him. I think the package we would send them hinges completely on how much salary they eat.  The more they eat, the better the package.

I'm really hoping that Walt can get us a nice young SS, and I think that is the key.  If Valaika cannot stick at short, a deal is imminent. We'll have a better idea by the deadline.

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