Jocketty: Reds need RHB

I've got yer analysis right here, buddy.

Evidently, Jockety thinks the team's #1 need is a RH bat (of course, that's from Fay's blog; hell, it could have been Jobba the Hutt that Fay talked to for all we know).  The boy(s) over at MLBTR throw out the following names:

Adrian Beltre:  Will be 30 years old.  Will make $12M next year, then a FA.  While he's a plus defender (+22.3 RAR by JinAZ through Sept. 5, best among 3B), he hits about as well as EdE.  Of course, EdE is 4 years younger and about $9M cheaper next year.

Manny Ramirez:  Will be 37.  His age-36 season was one for the books, 8th best by OPS+ behind famous juicers Bonds, Ruth, Williams, McGwire, Anson, Dickey, Musial, and tied with McCovey.  He's going to command multiple years at $20M+ per.  JinAZ has his defense at -10.9 in the AL, -2.2 with the Dodgers (and that's compared to the general drivel that gets run out to LF every day).

Pat Burrell:  Will be 32.  A nice hitter, but not what I'd term a real impact bat.  His defense is about average (1.8), which frankly surprises me. 

Magglio Ordonez:  Will be 35.  With 461 PA next year, his contract becomes guaranteed through '11 for $51M.  Almost as bad as Manny defensively (-9.1).

Matt Holliday:  Will be 29.  Will be a free agent after '09.  You know my position - if they think they can sign him long-term, acquire him if at all possible.  A good defender (9.2).

In short, I (obviously) don't like most of the list - a guy who doesn't address the stated purpose, even though he's older and much more expensive than the guy who's already there; an old, very expensive FA who would be a severe defensive liability; a not quite as (1) old, (b) expensive, or (c) good FA; a hideously expensive older player who would be a defensive liability; and Matt Holliday.

I agree that a big RH bat would do wonders for this team; I just hope whatever Jockety does it doesn't either gut the minors for mediocrity or cost a bazillion dollars for past glory.

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