Rainouts, Lefties, and The Next Big Thing

i started writing this as a post at the end of the game thread, just a few thoughts that have been bouncing around in the ol' noggin.  but it got pretty long so i figured i would just make it a fanpost.  dont worry, i promise i wont make a habit of this.

Monday is a makeup day for a rainout.  we havent had too many of those this year.  its been a while since we had such a dry summer, hasnt it?  in fact, the only other rainout we had this year was May 9th against the Mets, so we played a double header on the 10th.  only two rainouts in the whole season...and some people STILL think global warming blah blah blah George W Bush. 

am i mistaken, or have we gone the entire season up to this point without having a game started by a lefty pitcher?  when was the last time something like that happened?  i dont personally think we really need a left-handed starter (our righties are doing a good enough job) but its pretty rare to go 162 without one isnt it?

Jay Bruce is 21 years old.  with a week to go, his line is .260/.320/.466 in ~400 ABs.  he's struck out about 25% of the time, but he's also clubbed 21 homers so far.  he's got an OPS+ of 101, which makes him about a league-average hitter.  everyone (excluding crolfer) think for a minute about what you were doing at 21.  this guy is a legit major leaguer and has only been legally allowed to drink beer for 6 months.  in the preview to today's game thread, Slyde compared Cueto's season to the rookie seasons of some hall of famers.  in that spirit, here's a few reasons why we call this guy The Next Big Thing:

Larry Walker at 23 - .241/.326/.434  419 ABs, 19 homers, ~25% K rate
Jr. at 19 - .264/.329/.420  455 ABs, 16 homers, ~18% K rate
Chipper Jones at 23 - .265/.353/.450  524 ABs, 23 homers, ~19% K rate
Johnny Bench at 21 - .275/.311/.433  564 ABs, 15 homers, ~17% K rate
Roberto Clemente at 21 - .311/.330/.431  543 ABs, 7 homers, ~10.5% K rate

Jay is listed as 6'3" 205 lbs; same as Ted Williams
Jay was born in Beaumont, Texas; same as Frank Robinson
Jay's first name is Jay; same as Jay Buhner

Jay Bruce alone moves the wheels of history. 

well, maybe he's got a little help:



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