Sleepwalking with Mr. toothpick

From BK's post after last night's game:

- The team is 5 games under .500
- The team is 11 1/2 games back in the division
- The team has been outscored 17-2 the last 2 games, where they faced a guy making his first ML start and Braden f’ing Looper
- The starters have gone 6 innings or less in the last 6 games (and a few of those were stretching it past 100 pitches)
- They are about to get swept at home by a division rival, without their best player

.....Getting swept at home with the chance to fall 12 1/2 back does not bode well for their playoff chances...

Yes Mr. BK playoff chances at this time appear a very very long shot at at best. Yes we have injuries, yes we have young players ( = inconsistency), yes we are in need of a  RH bat with some pop, yes our bench in out of balance as is the line up -  However, be that as is may,  YES this team has a lifelessness about them that has been carried over through about the last 5 years. . Not that they can't get fired up...when they do get stoked they can pour it on and put up some runs and play some competitive ball. BUT, after the last 2 night's embarrassing displays, combined with the above circumstances from which BK rightfully asserts that they are falling into a deep hole, I would think that someone either the manager or a veteran player  on the team would GET PISSED OFF and start throwing shit!.

There is no  (again courtesy of BK) 'SENSE OF URGENCY". Yep it is a long season, yep a lot can happen in 162 games, nope this isn't the time to panic - YEP it is the time for leadership to demand action and intensity. Stop swinging at first pitches, get your head in the game and play defense, pitch with confidence, throw strikes - challenge the hitter etc. Where is MR. Toothpick in all of this? He's making strange tactical choices, sitting on his ass holding court talking about 'how it is all going to have to come together blah blah blah'..This guy is more laid back than Perry Como (for those of you who don't know Perry Como substitute Barry Manilov). Please, somebody, please fire this team up.WE need positive energy and to develop a killer instinct. Maybe my fav player Adam Dunn IS too laid back, EdE to emotionally remote, Grif too old and tired, ...I only know that unless these guys get unified and fired up consistently, game after game, things just aren't going to change that much even when Kepp, Jerry Jr, and Franey get back. Where's Lou when you want him?




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