Bats open workout: FIXED AND UPDATED (Eyewitness report)

I tried this last week and the flash didn't work so well. I think SBN has their shit figured out, so here's another go. The slideshows go kinda fast, so make liberal use of the pause button.

I had the pleasure of visiting one of two Bats open workouts this week. It was great, and there was almost nobody there. I would estimate the crowd at 30. The cool thing was you could go anywhere without ushers giving you lip. I got to sit on top of the dugout and take pictures pretty much all day, and I was close enough and the crowd was so small that the players interacted with all the fans. Here are my favorite shots from the day (Tuesday).

Jay Bruce Gary Majewski and Bill Bray

Bray and Hanigan did a lot of talking. Bray seems really open to constructive criticism, and Hanigan seemed like he knew what he was talking about. Hanny said his biggest concern was making sure Bray kept the ball down. Bray said he just needed to settle down. Majewski wasn't impolite, but he didn't have much chit chat with Hanny.

Everyone else

Robust personality on Brower, even when his hand wasn't down his pants. He's also a big guy who seems like he can really fling it. Same with Colina: big, muscley fella, hard to understand why he doesn't hit 25 or 30 homers a year, and a loud and (perhaps) funny guy.

Sorry about a lack of Homer shots. He threw the previous day, but on Tuesday he pretty much stayed away from the bears. He camped out in centerfield with majewski during bp and wouldn't even sign when the workout was over. Keep in mind, there were maybe 30 people there total. There were only about 5 people who wanted autographs, and Bruce made sure to hook them all up. Homer went in the dugout without even acknowledging the fans who were calling his name. The four or five times I've seen him, I've never seen him sign anything. I'm quickly falling out of love with the guy.

I had 2 or 3 short conversations with Jay, at one point telling him happy birthday and making a lame comment like "Gonna have your first drink, huh?" He couldn't have been nicer about my weakass attempts at interaction. He's going to be really easy to like.

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