The 600 Club

[UPDATE: Bumped, cause it's gonna happen soon.]

As Ken Griffey Jr. continues his assault on baseball history I started looking at the other members of the 600 Club.

Currently there are five members of this club; Hank Aaron, Barry Bonds, Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Sammy Sosa. Here are the dates and their ages when they joined the club:

  1. Ruth          August 21, 1931           36 years, 196 days
  2. Mays         Sept 22, 1969                38 years, 139 days
  3. Aaron        April 27, 1971                37 years, 81 days
  4. Bonds       August 9, 2002             37 years, 16 days
  5. Sosa         June 20, 2007               38 years, 220 days

Babe Ruth hit his 600th on 8/21/1931 against George Blaeholder, of the St. Louis Browns, in a 11-7 victory . There wasn't much time for reflection since some guy named Gehrig went back to back with him.

Willie Mays
hit his 600th against Mike Corkins, of the San Diego Padres,  in the 7th inning of a 4-2 victory . It was a two run shot that scored Ron Hunt ahead of him. Willie was 1 for 2 that day with 2 RBI. The homer put the Giants ahead to stay that day.

Henry Aaron
hit his 600th against Gaylord Perry, of the San Francisco Giants, in the 3rd inning of a 6-5 loss . It was a two run shot that scored Ralph Garr ahead of him. Hank was 2 for 5 with 3 RBI. This game featured 5 future Hall of Famers; Mays, Willie McCovey and Gaylord Perry for the Giants and Aaron and Orlando Cepeda for the Braves.

Barry Bonds
hit his 600th against Kip Wells, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, in the 6th inning of a 4-3 loss . Barry was 2 for 4 with 1 RBI that day. It came against the team that Bonds began his career with in 1986.

Sammy Sosa
hit his 600th against Jason Marquis, of the Chicago Cubs, in the 5th inning of a 7-3 victory. Sammy was 1 for 4 with 2 RBI that day. It was the front end of back-to-back home runs for the Rangers with Frank Catalanotto hitting the back end.

Good luck Griffey as you continue along the path to Cooperstown.


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