Eye Witness Report 4-12-2008

As a part of my field school and archeology class, I convinced our professor to take us to the Pirates Reds game.  So instead of digging for artificats at the the ONU Nature Center near New Philly, OH we spent the day in Pittsburgh.  The day started out with us stopping at two liqouer stores in Pittsburgh.  I got a case of Yuleling.  We than went to the Carnegie Science Center.  We watced an I-Max movie about prehistoric sea monsters, and proceeded to play in a museam for 10 years, all on ONU's dime.  At about 6 we went to the game.  After we parked we tailgated for about 40 minutes as the prof went to buy the tickets.  I drank about 3 Jileing, something esle, and a Miller Light, tailgating on ONU's van with ONU's name and logo on it.  We got a picture of that.  We finally went into the game.  I consumed 11 hotdogs.  The first few innings are rather hazy, and I was a bit biligererent.  We had upperdeck tickets rightbehind homeplate.  Right infront of the broadcast boothes.  I saw Chris Welsch stand up in the 3rd, and I shouted to him and he haved and smiled, and shouted something back, I don't know what.  I randomly shouted his name throughout the game.  During the 7th inning stretch Chris Welsch downed a bag of White Chedder Cheese popcorn, like just the bag to his mouth and downed it.  I was basically biligeriant.  I just shouted so many redicoulous things.

We had great seats, we were dead behind homeplate.  The prof paid for us out of his own pocket.  PNC is beautiful, it is almost a shame that they don't have a decent team to put in that ballpark.  If you ever get the chance go to PNC, it is cheaper than Cincinnati, and it is really beautiful.  I think that onion article is on the mark.  Some annoying things is they aren't very good about telling the fans who is up in the bullpen, or giving relief pitcher stats.  The scoreboard and jumbotron are one, unlike at GAB.  They only have the batting sides lineup posted, so if you are keeping score you and their is a double switch you don't have that information radily available. The paroge race is pretty cool though, my paroge won.   

Once again the bullpen did a good job, only 1 run and I think it was unearned because of Votto's error.  I am starting to worry about Bronson.  When ever I looked up at the pitch speed, he seemed to top out at 86.  I didn't see that for everypitch, because it was in an akward part of the ballpark, and I was pretty blitzed for the first 3 innings.  Was his velocity down or did I just not look at the speed reader when he hit the high 80's and maybe 90.  He didn't get many K's either.  His control seemed to be alright, he got strike one a lot.  But he diffently labored to get through those 5 innings.  Griffey made a nice catch, although I think 10 years ago he wouldn't have had to leave his feet for that ball.  EdE has me worried.  I am wondering if another trip to Louisiville is in his future, because I feel like with each error he makes he puts more pressure on himself, which makes it all the more likely for him to make another error.  Maybe a sports psychologist should be in his furture?  Everything I have read about him says he is real quite and bottles everything up, that can't help him when he is in a slump.  John Russel seems to be a piss-poor manager.  I was shocked that he sent Snell out to bat in the bottom of the 6th, after he walked a type rope to get out of the top of that inning.  Lincoln is growing on me.  I just wonder how long it can last.  One figures if he had two TJ's on his elbow in the last 4 years his arm is a ticking time bomb.  Coffey did his job without any help from the defense.  Maybe he could be useful in holding deficits within reason.  IT is so weird to see the Reds lose a lot of low scoring games, I am so used to 9-6, 8-6 types of scores. When Dunn and EdE bust out this team is going to be tough.  Well I can add PNC to the list of stadiums I have been to.

Tropacana 2003 (I saw the Reds when and I think Dempsters only good game as a Red he threw 7.2 ininings of 2 run ball)

Turner Field 2004 (Braves V Marlins, the Braves blewout Florida)

2005-2008 Jacobs Field (Reds have lost every game)

2006 Wrigley Field (Cubs blew out the Phillies, I saw Hamals and Zambrano pitch and expected a pitching duel, Hamels was done by the third innings)

2007 RFK (Dumatraits debut enough said)

The best part of today is we are suppose to be digging for artificts, instead I talked our prof into taking us to a baseball game, and on a beer run to by julining (I can't spell it the great beer that can only be bought in PA).  PA liqour sales are weird grociery stores can't sell alcohol, you can only buy beer in cases and  a licquoer store can't sell beer.  This is the easier 4 credit hour A I have ever gotten.

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