Hit a truck, win a truck

Maybe some of yous guys already saw this, but has the scoop on the new feature at GABP:

Last week, the club placed a red 2008 Toyota Tundra pickup truck on top of the elevator shaft well beyond the fence in center field. If a Reds player hits the truck during a home run, one randomly selected lucky fan will take home the $31,000 vehicle.

Holy shit, that's terrific. Gives me a reason to go to 16 games instead of 12. There are a few issues with the promotion, though. First, one you already know:

If a Reds player hits the truck...

To win the truck, someone has to hit it with a baseball. This truck is going to have a) a big fucking dent or 2) a busted-ass windshield. I know beggars can't be choosers, but still. It will smart a little to win a truck without all its faculties.


It would take some gargantuan homer for someone to get the Tundra, however, as the truck is located more than 500 feet from home plate.

That's a lot longer than most people realize. There have been very few 500 ft. home runs in the history of the majors. In fact, since Hit Tracker began monitoring such things in 2005, there hasn't been one. Although the longest home run in that time span was a Reggie Abercrombie 490-foot blast off Mike Gosling on April 19, 2006, at Great American. It was Abercrombie's first career homer (and one of only 7 to date). You might also remember that game as the one in which Edwin hit a walk-off double to score Dunn. The Reds won 9-8. The Marlins had 4 home runs, and the Reds' first extra-base hit was Edwin's double. Eventful game. Update [2008-3-24 18:16:59 by boobs]: Here's the game thread for that day.

So it's possible, I guess, to hit a 500 ft. homer to center (Abercrombie's was to left), but it's extremely unlikely, and I would take bets from anyone that it's not going to happen. Still, I think it's a fun perk for Dunner, Edwin and Jay Bruce to shoot for.

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