Reds Ideal Offseason

My ideas coming into the offseason for what the Reds should do were a lot different than what has actually been done.  I hold out hope of a Blanton for Cueto+3 other non-Bailey/Bruce/Votto minor leaguers deal, but I'm at the point where I think we're basically set for the season.  While I'm comfortable with what's been done, here's what my ideal (and, to me, realistic) offseason would've brought us:

  1. TRADE GRIFFEY AND VOTTO, MOVE DUNN TO FIRST BASE: I would've explored moving Griffey and Votto for quality relief pitching.  I'm sure that we could've gotten a servicable reliever.  Mark Kotsay (.575 OPS, 56 games, lingering back issues in '07) and some cash got Joey Divine, a former 1st rounder!  Maybe if we'd jumped in early we could've landed Brad Lidge?  Huston Street?
  2. DEAL FOR BLANTON - I still think that Cueto + a maybe Frazier, Dorn, and Soto may be enough for Blanton.  I think that he'd become the #2 guy for the Redlegs for the next 3 years.  Plus he's from Kentucky.  Maybe with Cueto, Votto, and some others would get us Blanton + Street.
  3. GUARANTEE HOMER A SPOT: Harang, Arroyo, and Blanton will eat a ton of innings.  That'll give Bailey and the #5 pitcher less pressure to go deep into games.
  4. SIGN 2 VETERAN PITCHERS TO WIN THE #5 SPOT: I'd like to have seen a deal to Prior.  Affeldt is fine for me.
  5. CUT/TRADE CASTRO & STANTON.  A bag of balls would due.
  6. KEEP CANTU for a RH bat off the bench.  He plays a decent 3rd or 1st.
  7. DON'T USE A RULE 5 PICK ON AN A-LEVEL PLAYER WITH AN ERA LIKE STANTON'S.  If you want to burn money, just give it to me.  Or lower ticket prices!
OPENING DAY ROSTER (with position in the lineup):
1B- Dunn (4)
2B- Phillips (3)
SS- Gonzalez (7)
3B- Encarnacion (5)
RF- Hopper (1)
CF- Hamilton (2)
LF- Bruce (6)
C1- Ross (8)

UT- Freel
UT- Keppinger
C2- Valentine
1B- Hatteburg
UT- Cantu

SP- Harang
SP- Arroyo
SP- Blanton
SP- Bailey
SP- Belisle

RP- Salmon/Coffey/Majewski/McBeth
RP- Coutlangus/Affeldt
RP- Bray
RP- Trade acquisition
RP- Weathers
RP- Burton
CL- Lidge?

Taking on Lidge's, Street's, and Blanton's salaries would less than the salaries of Griffey and Cordero.

That was what I was picturing.  Any thoughts?

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