Today's rumors: Encarnacion to SF?

From John Fay:

Rumors and random thoughts as I wonder whether you get cell phone reception at the craps tables in the Bellagio:

--Walt Jocketty sounded pretty confident that the Reds will get something done at the Winter Meetings, which start Monday at the aforementioned Bellagio in Las Vegas. "We've had  a lot of discussions with clubs," he said. "Hopefully, we'll be able to follow up and get something done." They better I put together a depth chart for the Sunday paper and the outfield is about as thin Manute Bol. 

--Heard from a reliable source today that the Giants are interested in the Edwin Encarnacion. I think Encarnacion is the most likely Red to be traded for two reasons: He's got high-value and the Reds are deep in the minors at third base.

--Heard from an unreliable source (random e-mail) that Homer Bailey had been traded. The reason the e-mailer said Bailey had been trades is he had packed up and left Houston. Why Bailey would go anywhere upon being traded i don't know. But I'd put Bailey right behind Encarnacion on the most-likely-to-be-traded list.

--If Encarnacion remains a Reds he almost certainly will remain at third base. Joey Votto will remain at first. "The only way we would move them is if we traded for a third baseman or first baseman," Jocketty said. "We're not going to move just to move them."

--Jocketty got a chuckle at the Votto-to-Washington Nationals talk. Is that Votto going to get traded? "No." I don't see Jimmy B. as being a Reds trading partner as long as Jocketty's in charge. The two have not made a trade since the Jeff Brantley-for-Dmitri Young deal in 1997. "That one didn't work out too good."

--Nice gesture by the Reds to not raise ticket prices. I'd go a step further and cut the price a buck or so on the cheapest seats. That would be a nice thing to announce at Redsfest. 

--T.R. Sullivan, the guy in Texas, is reporting that the Reds are a possible trade partner for catcher Gerald Laird. He hit .276/.329/.398 last year. Fielding percentage doesn't tell you everything about a catcher's defense, but Laird's (.986) was the second lowest of any catcher in AL who caught more than 50 games.  

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