Community Prospect Rankings: #1

Here's a new idea for the site (shamelessly ripped off from Brew Crew Ball, the SBNation Brewers blog (who do a fantastic job, seriously)).  There's plenty of top prospect lists for the Reds out there, but not one that reflects the diverse community here at RR.  So we're making our own list!

The way this is going to work, is that every few days, a list of players will be voted on by you, the community, and one by one, we'll find the top 40 (or another number) best prospects in the Reds organization, which will hopefully go on a list on the side of the front page.  The format should be pretty self explanatory as we move along.

Here are the first 5 prospects under consideration for the number 1 spot.  If there's someone else you think deserves it, say so in the comments, otherwise, vote for who you think is number 1.  Also, feel free to make a pitch for who you voted for, and maybe spark some discussion about the future of our beloved team in the offseason.  Without further ado, the nominees for the Reds #1 prospect:

Yonder Alonso, 1B:

John Sickels rank: 1
Redsminorleagues rank: 1
Age: 21
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 7), Reds, 2008
Last Level Played: A+ (Sarasota)

2008 Statistics:
Miami (FL) (NCAA): 64 G, 211 AB, .370/.534/.777
Sarasota (A+): 6 G, 19 AB, .316/.440/.368
Waikiki (HWL): 29 G, 104 AB, .308/.419/.510


Neftali Soto, 3B/IF:

John Sickels rank: 4
Redsminorleagues rank: 2
Age: 19
Draft/Acquisition Details: 3rd round (pick 109), Reds, 2007
Last Level Played: A- (Dayton)

2008 Statistics:
Billings (Rookie): 15 G, 67 AB, .388/.423/.746
Dayton (A-): 52 G, 218 AB, .326/.343/.500
Santurce (Puerto Rico Winter League): 6 G, 11 AB, .091/.077/.091


Todd Frazier, SS/IF/OF:

John Sickels rank: 2
Redsminorleagues rank: 4
Age: 22
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 34), Reds, 2007
Last Level Played: A+ (Sarasota)

2008 Statistics:
Dayton (A-): 30 G, 112 AB, .321/.402/.598
Sarasota (A+): 100 G, 366 AB, .281/.357/.451
Waikiki (HWL): 27 G, 95 AB, .295/.375/.547


Chris Valaika, SS:

John Sickels rank: 3
Redsminorleagues rank: 5
Age: 23
Draft/Acquisition Details: 3rd round (pick 84), Reds, 2006
Last Level Played: AA (Chattanooga)

2008 Statistics:
Sarasota (A+): 32 G, 135 AB, .363/.393/.585
Chattanooga (AA): 97 G, 379 AB, .301/.352/.443
Peoria (AFL): 27 G, 95 AB, .311/.346/.437


Drew Stubbs, CF:

John Sickels rank: 5
Redsminorleagues rank: 3
Age: 23
Draft/Acquisition Details: 1st round (pick 8), Reds, 2006
Last Level Played: AAA (Louisville)

2008 Statistics:
Sarasota (A+): 86 G, 303 AB, .261/.366/.406
Chattanooga (AA): 26 G, 92 AB, .315/.400/.402
Louisville (AAA): 27 G, 95 AB, .311/.346/.437
Peoria (AFL): 22 G, 85 AB, .200/.306/.329

There they are.  Vote in the poll.  Poll will go for a couple of days until the next post is up.  In the case of a tie, the 4 admins will confer amongst themselves to determine a winner.  If they tie 2-2, we'll ask Madville.

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