SIS - Redsfest 2k8

Hi, hello, and welcome. I just got back from Redsfest, and boy are my arms tired.

The highlights:

- I met up with Caleb and finally met JD. Gracious and smart, and his lovely wife even put up with my son's ranting about where to get the Bronson Arroyo Topps card.

- There was a ton of stuff to do for all ages as usual.

- A kid who looked to be about ten sang the hell out of "Don't Stop Believin'" on the main stage karaoke, garnering a standing O from Cowboy, Votto, & Marty.

- I successfully defended my fastest pitch title only because I ran unopposed

. - We came away with a king's ransom of crap and all I spent was $20 to sign the boy up for "Reds Heads", the kids fan club. Oh, and as we signed up for Reds Heads the girl made it clear that I should stick around, but couldn't disclose why. Ten minutes later Jay Bruce made an impromptu appearance and signed for the kids, my son now has what could become a very valuable hat. :)

- The aforementioned BA card was part of an eight card set, you had to go to stations around the center to collect each card.

- I saw NoHo signing autographs the same day as he was non-tendered. I was unaware that he had been immediately re-signed, so I found this hysterical at the time.

- I got a great pic of CTrent "live blogging". Good times. He flipped me off immediately after the pic was taken. :)


The lowlights:

- I got to see Pops for all of two minutes as I was leaving, and missed Ash as well. Sorry guys, I had to get out of there to feed the boy and get home.

- I threw embarrassingly slow on the speed pitch, I blame the notoriously inaccurate radar guns and their mounting position (heavily biased in favor of RHP).

- The crowds were at times a pain in the ass, I think the walkways could be a little wider and better planned.

- I did NOT spring for the 425 CoPat used bat. I couldn't do it. But I bet if you get down there near closing time you can grab one half off. He, Harang, & Javy had the most bats in the bin.

Here are some pictures for the visually stimulated (yes, they all pop a new window):

Jay Hova signing my son's hat

A baby Reds fan complete with red mohawk. Cute as hell.

The CoPat bat

NoHo signing. Did I mention that he was at the premium "Season Ticket Holders Only" table?

CTrent live blogging. The dry erase sign cracked me up.

There were a lot of people there.

Lots of free stuff.

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