Major League Ghost Hunters

Last year, I posted some ghost stories told by Major League Baseball players about the Renaissance Vinoy Hotel. That's the hotel where the visiting teams stay when they play the World Series runner-up Tampa Bay Rays.

I'd love to stay there sometime, but if Major League ball players stay there, I'm pretty sure I can't afford it. However, TAPS is on the case. Yes, the Ghost Hunters checked out the Renaissance Vinoy a few weeks ago.

According to the staff of the hotel, the resident ghosts include a spirit that haunts the ballroom, producing the sound of footsteps clicking on hardwood floors - even though the ballroom has been carpeted for years now. The fifth floor is especially active; a cleaning lady had her hair pulled by something invisible, and guests have reported seeing a woman in white and a man dressed in old-fashioned clothing, who walk into the rooms and just stare at them.

Perhaps most amusing was the revelation that many baseball players, when they find out they're assigned to the dreaded fifth floor, ask to either be moved to another floor, or to be doubled up with a teammate - so they don't have sleep alone in a haunted room.

I must say, the Vinoy lived up its billing. Before the investigation even started, Jason, who requested the most haunted room, noticed that his closet door was open, when it hadn't been before. They already had the cameras set up, so they rewound the tape to see what happened. The tape showed that the iron board fell against the door, pushing it open. But...Jason and Grant later investigated, and found that the ironing board wasn't heavy enough to open the door, even if it fell against it. Just a loose latch? Perhaps. But interestingly, activity on the fifth floor does seem to involve the closets quite a bit. (Brian Roberts found his clothing mysteriously removed from the closet and placed on the bed...when no one had been in the room.)

Even creepier was what happened later, when everyone went to bed. No, I don't mean Jason in his pajamas (though that was pretty scary). While he was asleep, there was a weird voice. Deep and slow and growly sounding. It actually woke him up. Then it spoke again, louder. Jason got up, checked the room, opened the door to check the hall, and there was nobody there.

I couldn't make out what the voice was saying, but the TAPS crew thought it was saying "Just leave here."

During the "reveal," the manager seemed quite alarmed. They tried to reassure her, saying that just because the voice was deep and slow didn't mean it was hostile. Er, maybe not, but it's hard to read "Just leave here" as friendly.

Here's a clip someone posted to YouTube:

Happy Halloween!

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