Official RR Bereavement Pool diary

We previously discussed a Red Reporter Bereavement (death) pool, and we hashed out a set of rules. Here is the entry form:

It's an rtf file, which can be opened in wordpad. In the unlikely event you can't open the file, let me know and we'll figure it out.

It's $10 a person. Note the postmark deadline: Jan. 31. I can't waver on this, because it wouldn't be fair to those who get it in on time, especially if someone dies in the meantime. I'll settle disputes, and I'll update standings whenever an entry bingos.

I'm sending an e-mail to all those who have said they want to enter. I'll include my address (I don't think it's a great idea to post things like that on these intertubes) and to whom you can make out a check (instead of boobs). Don't send cash, because I don't want to encounter a dispute in the 0.05 percent chance it gets lost in the mail or goes to the wrong address. If there are any problems, e-mail me and let me know.

Here is the list I have so far. If you're on this list and don't receive an e-mail, or if you decide you want in now, or if I let you out, post in this diary or e-mail me.

1 JD
2 JD's wife
3 JD's friend
4 boobs
5 boobs' mom
6 boobs' boss
7 3 fast 3 furious
8 pops
9 man mountain
10 brian b
11 brian b's wife
12 Alan
13 Andromache
14 BK
15 BLee2525
16 gray
17 Brendan
18 Red Menace
19 kywildcat888 (boobs' roommate)
20 ctnyc

So that you know I'm not cheating, I'll e-mail my picks and those of my mom, roommate and boss to a gmail account i'm setting up, and when I post all the entries I'll post the e-mail account and password so everyone can see I had those entries in ahead of time and didn't look at everyone else's picks before submitting.

I think that's about it. I'll now begin the arduous task of copy-pasting everyone's e-mail address into a new message. It should be sent within, I dunno, 15 minutes.

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