Answering a couple of questions

Just reading through some of what I missed while I was on vacation and a couple of people asked questions with hopes that I would look up the answers for them and I wanted to oblige.  Besides, it's quiet here today and I'm not ready to get back to work yet:

1) FVA asked: "I was wondering...if there was a way to find out what percentage of 30-50 teams were able to get back to .500?"

To answer your question, yes there is a way.  Before this season there had been 54 teams that started the season at 30-50.  Not one of those teams finished the season at .500 or better.  The 1927 Reds had the best final record for a team that started at 30-50 when they went 45-28 for the rest of the season and finished with a 75-78 record.

As for where they stand right now, there have been 52 teams that had a 62-75 record after 137 games.  The best final winning percentage from that group was the 1944 Chicago Cubs who finished at 75-79.  The best record in the 162-game era is the 1982 Toronto Blue Jays who finished the season at 78-84.

2) Shortstop2 asked:"is slyde gonna bring back the reds terror level or whatever?"

No.  That thing was a headache.  It was always breaking down and I swear I had to call maintenance in to fix it on at least 6 different occasions.  That's what I get for buying sight unseen on eBay.

3) Once again, FVA looks for help:"30/30 and a gold glove?  I wonder how often that's been done before?"

I'm disappointed that no one else got this one.  I mean, it's right there on the interwebs.

Year  Player           HR/SB   Position
1957  Willie Mays      35/38   OF
1973  Bobby Bonds      39/43   OF
1983  Dale Murphy      36/30   OF
1987  Eric Davis       37/50   OF
1990  Barry Bonds      33/52   OF
1992  Barry Bonds      34/39   OF
1996  Barry Bonds      42/40   OF
1996  Barry Larkin     33/36   SS
1997  Barry Bonds      40/37   OF
1997  Larry Walker     49/33   OF

As you can see, Larkin is the only non-OF to accomplish the feat.  By the way, the Gold Glove was started in 1957, the year after Mays first joined the 30/30 club, so I'm guessing he really should be on the list 2 times.

That's all I remember seeing.  If you've got a burning question that needs answered, let me know.  If you got a burning sensation that needs looked at, go see a doctor.

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