So, who gets the call Sept 1st?

Saturday MLB permits teams to expand their Active 25-Man rosters to 40 players.  Teams rarely take 15 extra players, but most add 5-6 players.  The only rule is the person also has to be on your 40-Man Roster.  Also players who were not part of your 25-Man Roster before September 1st are not eligible for Post-Season Play.  With all of that said here is the state of the Reds Roster:

Currently, there are 42 Players listed on the 40-Man Roster.  60 Day-DL Players do not count against the 40.  Jerry Gil and Eric Milton are the two Reds on the 60-Day DL, and both are out the rest of the season.  That Narrows it down to 40 Remaning.  Subtract out our 25 Active Players and we are down to 15.

Five Players are on the 15-Day DL.  This includes Ryan Freel, Juan Castro, Bobby Livingston, David Ross, and Pedro Lopez.  I would think Castro and Freel could be moved to the 60-Day if needed, but I imagine Wayne only does that if he absolutely has to.

That leaves 10 players in the Minors on options that are on the 40-Man and can be called up.

Most Likely to be up (5):
Todd Coffey
Kirk Saarlos
Jon Coutlangus
Marcus McBeth
Joey Votto

Possibility (4)
Homer Baily (If He Proves to be healthy.)
Chris Dickerson
Brad Salmon
Phil Dumatrait  

Not Going to Happen  (1)
Alexander Smit (Still in A Ball)

Also, David Ross should be back from the DL.  I imagine Jorgensen hangs around, as almost every MLB team carries 3 catchers in September.

So who is not on the 40-Man and should get a Call up?

Many people say Jay Bruce and Johnny Cueto.  Come may even make an argument for Matt Maloney or Aaron Herr.  I doubt we see any of the four, especially Herr, Maloney, and Cueto.  A injury to Hamilton or Griffey could open the door for Jay Bruce.  Any of the 4 if called up would have to be put on the 40-Man Roster, meaning someone would have to get a DFA, or put on the 60-Day DL.  And at some point the ones on the 60-Day DL have to be put back on the Roster, although Im not too sure if there is a date that has to be done on, or before Spring Training.

Who do you want to see most in September?

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