Labor Day is for Lovers

Holiday baseball awaits you.

Red ReporterFest is soon upon us. This place is a loading dock for people with the same interests, but many of us only know each other as screen names and sarcastic Internet tendancies. This is our chance to meet in person.

There's a perfect date for those of us who haven't spoken face-to-face to come out and rejoice in our splendid losership together. Monday, September 3, is Labor Day. It is also a day game for the Reds, who are hosting the lowly New York Mets, who haven't won a World Series since we have. The same New York Mets, I remind you, who have traded for the long-toothed but youthful and exuberant Jeff Conine, our former compatriot. Ko-9 will no doubt love to see us in Cincinnati come Labor Day, as will I.

I have blown off my share of RR get-togethers in my day, but that stops now. In all honesty, I would love to meet every one of you to take in a game, have a few $8.75 beers and make fun of the Mets. Several are already signed up for attendance, including me, Alan, and Alan's enormous immediate family, which includes two adorable tykes and a wife who is more attractive than Wonderwoman, I hear. I call for all other locals to attend the splendor.

Seriously, I'm sorry I didn't meet up with you cats at Game 2, when the Siberian trek across the Roebling was a defining point in my baseball fandom. A few of you have met and enjoyed company, and many of you have not known RR outside the scruffy newsman to your upper left. This is the time for all to come together. Sukr, if you still read these things, I will buy drinks for you all night if you come out. No shit.

There will be a special guest, who you all will soon know though you don't realize it yet. Fun will be unavoidable -- it could just be the best time of the year. Since Labor Day is for Lovers, I'll be hitting the Cincy bars, which I don't know any better than the bottom of my feet, to extend the merriment until the sky turns from black to blue.

Also, don't forget that next Thursday is 600-Comment Night. Come out Thursday on your fingertips, then come out the following Monday on the palms of your hands. The world of Reds awaits. And I will greet you all with a sweaty embrace.

Much more to follow. You'll see.

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