CTR vs. TLR: Who's the bigger piece of chit?

I was completely unawares of this last night, but apparently TLR took offense to Harang hitting Bennett. Courtesy the Cincy Post:

La Russa had this to say: "There isn't anything in baseball that I object to more. Whether we hit them or they hit them, I've said it for almost as long as I've been managing: I'd suspend a guy two weeks to start with. A month the next time and then a season, if a major league pitcher doesn't have better command than that."

Jerry Narron was upset with the notion that Harang tried to do that, but limited his words as not to start anything too much.

Harang wasn't real happy with the insinuation. He said he called Bennett after he left the game, appologized and Bennett told him it was cool, he understood. Harang said he was just as scared when he hit Bennett in the head and it was the first time he'd ever hit a batter in the head and would never, ever intentionally do something like that.

Tony LaRussa is an overmanaging piece-of-shit of a person, but I don't really know that because I don't know him. I know what I think I know of him from what I've learn from the media. And since he is a member of the media, a certain Cincy Post writer has decided to stick up for his team and take potshots at the st. louis manager:

Pretty much a joke by La Russa. Of course, I believe in mandatory sentences for drunk driving and I wonder what he thinks of that?

I'm sure many people love this comment, but it's the kind of low-class shot I wouldn't expect or like to hear from my team's beat reporter. That's nice, you're taking up for a guy on your team. Problem is, you're not on the team.

Update [2007-6-6 18:14:18 by boobs]: The Fay had this to add: "He can say whatever he wants," Harang said. "Accident happens."

Harang said he had never hit anyone in the head at any level.

"It got away from me," Harang said. "After the game, I called over to talk to Gary to make sure he was all right. He understood it wasn't intentional. There were no hard feelings."

Somehow, the Fay managed to report on this without putting himself in the middle of it. How did I come to like John Fay better than the other paper's writer?

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