Life sucks, get a helmet

Hal McCoy of the Dayton Daily News has this bit from Narron, about Ryan Freel:

Narron continues to try to contact Ryan Freel, "But his mailbox is full," Narron said. "I'm sure he knows I still love him, and he'll eventually call and ask me why I took him out of the lineup the day he left by ambulance."

It's a great quote, but it's also a little sobering.  The Reds haven't even talked to Freel.  Apparently, he's not up to talking on the phone.  John Fay reported that Freel was suffering nausea, headache, and dizziness.  

Fay notes that Freel has had a lot of concussions, which is not surprising to anyone who has ever watched him play.  

These days, they tend to be very cautious with athletes who have suffered concussions.  "Second impact syndrome" is a concern.  It can be very dangerous, even life-threatening, to suffer another concussion when you're still recovering from one.  

Another issue is that the damage from repeated concussions is cumulative.  It can make you more vulnerable to future concussions.  It can even be career-ending, as it was for Troy Aikman.    

And it sounds like this was a fairly serious concussion.  Since Freel actually lost consciousness (at least according to Hopper), he has at least a Grade III.  

● In grade III, the patient may return to contact sports in 1 month.

● For a patient with a second time grade III concussion, the season is over.

I love players who go all-out.  Heck, that's one reason I like Bubba so much.  But there are limits.  (I'm pretty sure Bubba would never jump off a third floor balcony unless the building was on fire.)

The Enquirer is wondering if it's Time for Freel to stop being Freel.  Probably, but is that even possible?  Freel is Freel.  

Maybe they can make him wear a helmet in the field, as well as at the plate...

In any case, I fear it's not a problem of immediate concern.  I have a feeling we're going to be seeing an awful lot of Norris Hopper over the next few weeks...maybe even months.

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