Red Reporter Get-Together 5/23/07

As you may have heard/seen, the DC Chapter of Red Reporter held a get-together this evening.  Here is a running diary of the night from BLee2525's point of view.

6:14PM - BLee2525 leaves Arlington, VA heading northbound on I-395.  20 minutes to DC and the Red Reporter Get-Together!  Despite a shitty day at work, and the overnight loss of his drivers' side rear view mirror (prick), BLee2525 is excited.

6:16PM - BLee2525 sees 5 lanes of brake lights, slows down.

6:19PM - Still in traffic.

6:26PM - BLee2525 makes it past the first mile on 395.

6:38PM - Cause of traffic - accident.  4 lanes of traffic blocked.

7:05PM - Parking spot found on M St.  2 hour metered.  BLee2525 finds $.25 in change (15 min.) in car.

7:09PM - After brisk walk to The Big Hunt, BLee2525 asks bartender for change for $2 for parking meters.

7:14PM - Brisk walk back to car, meters fed.  BLee2525 turns around looking satisfied.  Some guy walking down the street says "Hey, metering ends at 6:30."  BLee2525 feels stupid; but, hey, it's RR Get-together night.  Life is good.

7:17PM - Brisk, if slightly perturbed, walk back to Big Hunt.  Exchange between BLee2525 and bartender.
BLee2525: "Nats'-Reds' game on tonight?"
Bartender: "I don't know.  What channel?"
BLee2525: "MASN, I think."
Bartender: "I think the Orioles are on MASN tonight."
BLee2525: "Well, shit.  I'll have a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA."

7:18PM - Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA appears at table.  Henceforth, this shall be referred to as The Only Redeeming Part Of The Night (TORPOTN).

7:19PM - BLee2525 calls wife to confirm that the Reds'-Nats' game is not on local TV this evening.  Mrs. BLee confirms same.  BLee2525 takes sip of TORPOTN.

7:20PM - BLee2525 takes sip of TORPOTN.

7:21PM - BLee2525 takes sip of TORPOTN.

7:22PM - BLee2525 takes sip of TORPOTN, looks forlorn.

7:34PM - BLee2525 finishes TORPOTN, cashes out.

7:38PM - With 1:36 ($1.60) still on meter, BLee2525 leaves Washington, DC.

7:47PM - On I-395 southbound, 2 Metropolitan Police officers speed by with lights on.  Good citizens (including BLee2525) pull to right and stop.  Bus driver follows immediately behind officers and cuts across 3 lanes of traffic.  BLee2525 flips off said bus driver.

7:48PM - BLee2525 decides that he needs more beer.

8:02PM - BLee2525 pulls into parking lot of favorite beer store, which closes at 8:00.

8:04PM - BLee2525 pulls into parking lot of grocery store.  After much internal debate, leaves with 6-pack of Sam Adams Summer Ale.

8:14PM - BLee2525 cracks beer, turns on XM radio to check the Reds' score.

8:15PM - BLee2525 says "Son of a bitch."  Drinks.

The DC Red Reporter Get-Together.  If you weren't there, you heard about it!

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