Baseball Tonight notes

*Yankees starting pitching is a mess, poss injuries to Pavano, Mussina and Wang. And Pettite is on a strict pitch count.

*anyone see Chavez's catch in foul territory last night?

*NL Central champ on pace for 84 wins, Not shocking.

*if you could have one autograph in baseball history, who would it be? I'd go with Gehrig, personally, but Jackie Robinson would be waaaaay up there.

*ARod up to 7 homers. Who leads the NL? (Jimmy Rollins w 6)

*Brad Lidge is a train wreck. He's gotta get out of Hou.

*Dusty Baker sure rambles. Orestes Destrade is pretty decent, however.

*the teaser to the break is how David Wright "can make a run on Joe D's 56 game streak, in a different sort of way". I have no flippin idea what they are referencing...seems sensationalistic, no?

*anyone catch the "Storm Launcher" commercial? Really impressive toy, but I couldn't see letting the boys get ahold of one of those.

*BJ Ryan tosses 37 pitches in 2/3 IP. Ewwwwwww.

*good to see the Bud Select sign is still in RC @ Shea.

*David Wright has a 23 game hit streak dating back to last season. Didn't know that.

*cant believe I was my youngest son's age when Pete hit in 44 consecutive. I even cut out articles and kept a scrapbook after 20 or so. Hell, we don't even have a paper subscription....or have a son collecting baseball cards. Times have changed.

*Pujols doesn't look right at the dish. He is missing hitter's pitches.

*Good to see the Tribe 2 games over .500.  Lotta Bobcats in CLE, and they have a horrific football team up north.  Great downtown, though.

*Sidney Ponson is starting for the Twins? I hate that gut, er guy.

*That Japanese 3B for the Devil Rays is a ballplayer. Who has him in the RR Beer League?

*Is Gary Sheffield's hitch in his swing due to catch up with now that he's pushing 40?

*Ruby Tuesday's Triple Prime burger has absolutely nothing on Tink's Cafe's Kobe burger.  Everyone in Cincy needs to drop $15 for this experience. Trust me.
I think Ruby's is charging $9 for the faux burger, fyi.

*Sosa has 590 homers now. And ARod just passed Manny on the career list.

*Carlos Lee had a web gem? Is Dunner next?

*BBTN thinks the Cubs responded to Sweet Lou calling them out tonight. Uh, maybe. Still, the Reds were due to be shutout based on last years ratio.

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