this is in response to, but in no way purely because of, the "lost in the ivy" nl central preview --

Does it bother you guys as much as it bothers me how much sarcasm and disdain there is on blog comments? It's not that way on deadspin so much, because everyone pretty much respects will, and it's not that bad here.

But when i had a blog and we got linked to deadspin, probably 80 percent of the comments we got were just dripping with disgusting sarcasm. Even the Mighty MJD, who runs a really professional, funny blog with a lot of good insight, gets some of the most acidic comments. Why does everyone in the blogosphere talk like this?

Case in point: This Cubs guy made a lot of mistakes, but so what? He doesn't write for SI, he's just an ordinary joe blogger. Why do people feel like every comment has to be filled with disgust for the writer?

I hope you don't catch the clap from that cute girl.

This was one of the worst preseason previews I have ever read. Can I have that 5 minutes of my life back?

I don't see how anyone can take this assinine analysis even remotely serious

This is such a thorough evauation, I am sure Prince Fielder appreciates you getting his name right.

I guess I'm asking because I really don't know why. If these commenters were having a person-to-person conversation with the writers of the blogs, I'm guessing these sarcastic comments wouldn't come out en masse the way they do online. Maybe that's the reason -- the whole netiquette argument that it's easier to be rude to someone you don't have to look at in the face.

My point is that most of these comments could be said in a normal way, the way we might converse in real life, without trying to humiliate the writers/other commenters. This is the reason I stopped reading sports blogs (and stopped writing one.)

Am I being too sensitive, or do you guys think the blogosphere could use some evolving?

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