RR Mitchell Report Pool

Tomorrow is the long awaited Mitchell Report Day. Rumors abound that the Senator's findings will name 60-80 current and former Major League players. Here's your chance for wild speculation.

The Rules

List ten players, 1 through 10, that you believe will be "named" (mentioned in any pejorative way in the Mitchell Report). You'll receive 10 points if your #1 name is listed, 9 points for #2 and so on (like an NFL confidence pool). As a bonus any former Reds players will result in double points (so ten points if you had Frank Robinson at #6 on your list and he's named).

Note the list of ineligible players below! Any player who has admitted usage, tested positive, or been implicated through some sort of leak is not acceptable. Be creative and show your biases.

Please use this diary only to post your list of 10. For questions or further steroid talk use this one.

And folks, please just scroll quickly to the bottom and make your list. Don't look at other peoples' picks. That would be cheating on a steroid pool, which is way too meta for me to handle. Also no changing your list with 'Reply to'. The deadline is 2:00 PM on Thursday. Good luck!

===Ineligible Players==

Admitted Users (17)
Ken Caminiti - Steroids
Barry Bonds - Steroids
Bobby Estalella - Steroids and hGH
Jason Giambi - Steroids and hGH
Jeremy Giambi - Steroids
Armando Rios - Steroids and hGH
Benito Santiago - Steroids and hGH
Gary Sheffield - Steroids
Jose Canseco - Steroids and hGH
Tom House - Steroids
Wally Joyner - Steroids
Paxton Crawford - Steroids and hGH
Jason Grimsley - Steroids and hGH
Jim Leyritz - hGH
David Segui - hGH
John Rocker - hGH
Paul Byrd - hGH
Implicated Players (29)
Mark McGwire - Steroids
Manny Alexander - Steroids
Chuck Finley - Steroids
Marvin Bernard - Steroids and hGH
Randy Velarde - Steroids
Wilson Alvarez - Steroids and hGH
Bret Boone - Steroids
Ozzie Canseco - Steroids
Juan Gonzalez - Steroids and hGH
Dave Martinez - Steroids
Ivan Rodriguez - Steroids and hGH
Tony Saunders - Steroids and hGH
Miguel Tejada - Steroids
Lenny Dykstra - Steroids and hGH
Dave Hollins - Steroids
Roger Clemens - "PE Drugs"
Andy Pettitte - "PE Drugs"
Brian Roberts - Steroids
Jay Gibbons - Steroids
Gary Matthews Jr. - hGH
Jerry Hairston Jr. - hGH
David Bell - hCG
Darren Holmes - Steroids and hGH
Rick Ankiel - hGH
Troy Glaus - Steroids
Scott Schoeneweis - Steroids
Matt Williams - Steroids and hGH
Jose Guillen - Steroids and hGH
Ismael Valdez - hGH
MLB Posiive Tests (16)
Alex Sanchez - Unknown
Jorge Piedra - Unknown
Agustin Montero - Unknown
Jamal Strong - Unknown
Juan Rincon - Unknown
Rafael Betancourt - Unknown
Rafael Palmeiro - Stanzolol (Steroid)
Ryan Franklin - Unknown
Mike Morse - Unknown
Carlos Almanzar - Unknown
Felix Heredia - Unknown
Matt Lawton - Boldenone (Steroid)
Yusaku Iriki - Unknown
Guillermo Mota - Unknown
Juan Salas - Unknown
Dan Serafini - Unknown
Non-MLB Positive Tests (2)
Termel Sledge - Precursor (Andro)
Derrick Turnbow - Precursor (Andro)

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