Krivsky Speaks

Pretty quiet around here this weekend. Everyone must be at Reds Caravan. Except those of us stuck in the frozen northeast, who are relegated to following it on the Internets.

Red Hot Mama has a report on the Northern leg from Muncie, IN. Sounds like a heck of a lot more people showed up than expected.

And I came across this Krivsky interview from the Southern leg, in South Point, Ohio.

Nothing exactly earth-shattering. He says the 40-man roster is set, except for a couple of pitchers. He talks a bit about Josh Hamilton ("we took a leap of faith"), and about moving Junior to right field ("Nothing is set in stone"). He says Bill Bray will be the closer, and that they still hope to avoid arbitration with Harang.

Then there was this bit:

Krivsky said versatile Ryan Freel will probably be the leadoff hitter when he plays, but he was uncertain who would fill the role when Freel does not play.

"Finding a true leadoff hitter is hard to do," Krivsky said.

Sounds like he's not expecting Freel to start every day.

As for who could step in as leadoff hitter on Freel's days off...perhaps not surprisingly, I vote for Bubba Crosby. His high school coach was Chuck Knoblauch's dad, and Bubba patterned his patient, pesky approach at the plate on Chuck's.

Here's what his scouting report from 2004 had to say about it:

Crosby's best tool is his command of the strike zone. He doesn't strike out much and puts the ball into play with authority. Crosby is a line-drive hitter that uses all parts of the field and his speed to get on base.

I know, I know. He hasn't shown much of that plate discipline lately. In August, Tommy John commented on this, saying Bubba would be a very good leadoff man if weren't such a hacker. (Ironically, Bubba ended up with three walks in that game.)

But I think that's just a result of the pressure the Yankees put on young players to get the big hit. Paul O'Neill once said being a young player with the Yankees was like being a contestant on American Idol: you have one shot to make a big impression, and if you fail, you're gone. As long as he doesn't try to do too much, Bubba's a pretty good leadoff hitter.

So anyway...anyone got any other Reds Caravan reports?

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