Selig to retire

ESPN has a story on who could possibly take over as commissioner.  They also have this piece of garbage on the page:

Cold Plate Special: George W. Bush

After eight years of al-Qaida and Osama, Sunnis and Shiites, the Hurricane Katrina mess, declining approval ratings and sparring with the Democrats in Washington, George W. Bush might prefer to go home to Crawford, Texas, and relax rather than pursue an enterprise as taxing as the job of baseball commissioner. But you never know.

The president has a real affinity for baseball, and he reflects fondly on his tenure as owner of the Texas Rangers. Trading Sammy Sosa to the White Sox for Harold Baines and Fred Manrique wasn't such a great thing. But Bush did manage to turn a $600,000 investment into a $15 million windfall when Tom Hicks bought the club in 1998.

Fay Vincent wrote in his book that Bush was interested in becoming commissioner before running for governor of Texas, but that Bud Selig cut him off at the pass. While a Major League Baseball official privately denied the story to, it's not too farfetched to see Bush considering the post again down the road. A former chief executive can spend only so much time on the lecture circuit and serving on corporate boards before he starts looking for a new challenge.

Ruining the country AND baseball?  My blood boils at the thought.

But back to the other National Disgrace.  Three years left of Selig -- perhaps we should develop a countdown clock for that moment.  The only good thing Selig has done for baseball is the Wild Card, though the WC is only necessary because of gross economic disparities and the expansion of baseball by four teams under Selig's watch, two of them in Florida where nobody watches baseball except in March.  The economic disparities spiraled out of control under his reign.  He let the strike happen and took a division title from us.  He didn't do anything about steroids until names were forever tarnished.  He kept Pete out of the Hall and refused to address his petition for reinstatement.  He let an All-Star game tie.

Seriously, is there anything good besides the WC he has done for the game?

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