The Reds & The MLB Draft

The 2006 MLB Draft is coming up quick - seven days from today (Tuesday) to be exact - and of course as it happens every year around this time, the rumors are swirling as to who will be picked where.

In the first 10 rounds, here is the list of where the Reds pick overall

1st Rd - 8th overall
2nd Rd - 52nd overall
3rd Rd - 84th overall
4th Rd - 114th overall
5th Rd - 144th overall
6th Rd - 174th overall
7th Rd - 204th overall
8th Rd - 234th overall
9th Rd - 264th overall
10th Rd - 294th overall

It should also be noted that the Reds may get a bonus left over from 2005 to add to this year's draft class. Last year's Draft and Follow pick Milton Loo is listed as the 64th best talent available in the draft, and the Reds own his rights, at least for a few more days. He is taking part in the NJCAA World Series, and has until 48 hours after his team is eliminated to sign - and that series ends on Saturday, so we'll know come Draft Day whether Loo is a Red or on the open market again.

Here is a wrapup of all the Reds related rumors so far and who started them (or at least will fess up to starting them.

Jim Callis of Baseball America, had this guess about the Reds first round pick.

8. REDS. Cincinnati will hope that (Drew) Stubbs or especially (Clayton) Kershaw will make it down to them, but that won't happen. The Reds haven't expressed much interest in (Tim) Lincecum, making Morrow the more likely choice.

Projected Pick: Brandon Morrow.

Jonathan Mayo of has this guess

8. Cincinnati Reds: Bill Rowell, 3B, Bishop Eustace Prep, Pennsauken, N.J.

For a while, it loooked like the Reds were all over Stubbs, but I now have reason to believe that won't happen. Some say that Rowell, a high school shortstop who profiles as a power-hitting third baseman, might be sliding because of a poor playoff performance, but word on the street is that the Reds were bringing Rowell in for a private workout. If he puts on a show, the Reds will be tempted to take him here.
Last week's projection: Stubbs.

Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus gave his two cents about the Reds 8th overall pick

8. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are high on Reynolds and University of Texas outfielder Drew Stubbs, but it's possible Stubbs could be too expensive. Enter Billy Rowell. The New Jersey high school shortstop will end up moving to third base or even further down the defensive spectrum, but he's drawing Troy Glaus comparisons for his size, approach, natural loft and incredible leverage. He's almost certainly going to be the first high school position player off the board, and while Rowell didn't even enter the year as a first-round pick, there are whispers that the three teams ahead of the Reds have him in the back of their minds as well.

So it remains to be seen what the Reds will actually do - given the new regime in place and the likelihood that none of the above scribes have any idea who the Reds braintrust will pick.

BA is keeping a running tab called the "Draft Tracker" - a list of the Top 30 players in overall talent, not where they think the player will get picked, and all put Rowell are listed in the top 10 (Rowell is listed at 17th overall).

For those wanting to do their own research, Baseball America has the Top 200 Scouting Reports up and available for browsing.

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