Saturday April 8th

I just got back from the Reds-Pirates game and wanted to share some observations.

We had great seats out in left center field. Thanks to the provider.
Other than a chilly breeze from time to time it was a nice spring afternoon to be at GABP.
I can't believe I didn't buy a bottle of water outside the park for $1.00 and paid $4.00 inside.
Not sure of this line up with Aurilia playing first. Baseball cheerleaders are a dumb idea.

1st Inning
Nice 1st inning for Harang.
Another good hand for Casey. I wonder what will happen if he comes up with the game on the line?
Nice play by Aurilia on a grounder by Casey.
Awesome double steal by Freel and Lopez
I can not believe Aurelia is swinging on a 3-0 pitch.
Never mind, hold that thought. Nice bomb into left  for a 3-0 Reds lead.

2nd Inning
Nice play by Harang on a hard line drive by Sanchez.
Uh Oh. Long Drive by the next hitter, Castillo, 3-2 Reds. The Reds can't seem to stand prosperity.

3rd Inning
Man Freel is a hustler! Another stolen base and a great tag on a medium depth fly ball by Dunn. As he ran to the dugout he was seriously jazzed up, pumping his fist. The dugout went crazy and Dunn gave him a big embrace. 4-2 Reds

4th Inning
Double by Sanchez, rbi single by Castillo. 4-3 Reds. The Reds can't seem to stand prosperity.
Maybe this cheerleader thing isn't so bad.
Kearns leads off  an inning(for the second time).
HR by Kearns on a nice drive into right center.
This now looks like an inning the Reds give up. An error on a check swing, 2 singles, a walk with the bases loaded a passed ball, wild pitch and intentional walk. EdE makes the last out again. 8-3 Reds.

5th and 6th are boring. Harang looking pretty good today.

Top of  the 7th Inning
Pirates with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two out. Nice outing by Harang. In comes Mike Burns and gives up a double. Two runs score 8-5 Reds. The Reds can't seem to stand prosperity.
Bottom of the 7th
The Reds pick up 3 runs on 4 hits. I wonder what Freel has to do to play everday? Whew!! Some breathing room 11-5 Reds

8th Inning.
Matt Belisle pitching. I think he is in my fantasy line up today.
Luckily he only gives up 1 run after walking two and serving up a double. 11-6 Reds.
 The Reds really can't seem to stand prosperity.
9th Inning
Chris Hammond in. Duffy lines to Griffey. Good Job 1 out, 2 more miles to go
A walk, come on quit screwing around. Go after the hitters.
A single.  I can't believe it.
Another Single, Holy Crap now the bases are juiced!
In comes Rick White. Why don't we have a closer? Or a set up man? Or a middle reliever? Oh well!
Strike out of the pinch hitter!! 2 down, 1 more mile. Lets go Rick!
Daggone it a two run single. 11-8 Reds. Hang on boys!! Runners on 1st & 3rd and the tying run at the plate. A balk, unbelievable. 11-9. The Reds can't seem to stand prosperity. I'm not sure they know what it means. (I'm starting to think that they think it means middle infielder.) Ground ball up the middle, nice play by Lopez. The Reds win, the Reds win, OMG the Reds win!!!!!

Over all I had a good time. What a great concept of adding cheerleaders. Boy those girls sure can dance.
The Reds have to tune up that bullpen because they can not survive winning by softball scores everyday. Aurilia plays a pretty good first base. Also, play Freel everyday because he injects an energy that is unmatched. The Reds need to package a middle infielder and a catcher for a competent relief pitcher.

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