Offseason Armchair GM Forum

We've determined that we could do a better job managing the team than Narron.  We've determined that sukr could play SS better than McClayton.  Now it's time to prove that we could be better GM's than Wayne Krivsky.  Post your plan for offseason trades/FA signings, etc.  Be sure to include your Homer Bailey plan in there.

One ground rule.  In order to comment on somebody else's plan, you must post your own first.  It's far easier to tell somebody why their idea won't work than to create an idea of your own.  If you're going to tell someone that their idea sucks, give them the same opportunity.

Griffey to RF.

Denorfia gets everyday duty in August to prove that he can handle leadoff duties and CF.  Freel returns to supersub role.  If Denorfia sucks, we go with Freel 5 days, Deno 2 days a week and tread water there.

Get rid of a catcher by any means necessary.  I don't care which one.

Re-sign Lohse

Don't re-sign Aurilia unless he exercises the team option.  I don't think his production will be worth what he gets on the FA market.

Lizard, Claussen, Lohse and Belisle have a Spring Training Royal Rumble for the 4 and 5 slots in the rotation.  3rd place gets LR/SS duty in bullpen, last place to AAA or DFA.

Bailey gets called up after the All-Star break for LR/SS duty, becomes #4 starter in 2008.  Votto also gets a mid-season call-up.

Sign Alex Gonzalez as a starting SS, 3 yr., $12 mil.  He's a fantastic glove guy, and won't hurt you with his bat as long as Morron doesn't think he's a #2 hitter.

Sign Octavio Dotel as closer, 1 yr., $1.5 mil + incentives and a 2008 option that vests based on games finished.  He'll be 18 months removed from TJ surgery on opening day, and was nails before the injury.  The vesting option will give us a reasonably priced closer for '08 if he's good, and doesn't cost us much if he sucks.

Opening Day 25-man roster

Denorfia CF
Hatteberg 1B
Dunn LF
Griffey RF
Encarnacion 3B
Phillips 2B
(Pick one) C
Gonzalez SS

Bench: Freel, Castro, Hopper, (back-up C), Harris

Lizard (projected Royal Rumble winner)
Lohse (projected Royal Rumble runner-up)

Belisle LR/SS (projected Royal Rumble 3rd place)
Majewski MR
Schoeneweis MR
Cormier LOOGY
Coffey RHSU
Dotel CL

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